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Fireplace Tools and Accessories 

These fire tools and screens are examples of projects we have made for others.  Please call or write to discuss your own specific needs.

Due to an overwhelming backlog of orders these items are not currently available to order.  As they become available they will be listed for sale through my Etsy shop at http://www.blackbearforge.etsy.com  The items listed there are completed and ready to ship. typically within 2 business days

Basket Handle Fireplace Tools

two-piece set, forged mild steel
with forge-welded basket twist handles


"Wizards of the Railroad"

forged mild steel
with carved railroad spike "wizard" faces




A fireplace screen made for an adobe fireplace in a straw-bale home.  The screen is fitted to the uneven profile of the fireplace opening.  Click here for a close-up of the foot on the screen.

Value $200

This is another screen in the same straw bale home. It is also shaped to fit inside the uneven opening. More commonly a screen is made symmetrical and sized to fit on the outside of the opening.  

Here is a close-up of the knob.


Here is a larger fireplace screen for a full size fireplace.  Features an inner and outer frame with the steel screen riveted between the layers for a lifetime of service.

Value $750



There is a matching pair of handles for lifting the screen to move it away from the fireplace 

A close up picture of the screens foot


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